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# BankingCLI
A small cli application to read your banking account balance and the last transactions.
## Parameters
--password [str] / -p \t can be used to enter the password non-interactively MAKE SURE THE COMMAND IS NOT SAVED IN .bash_history or similiar
--silent \t\t disables text, only the requested values will be shown
--account / -a \t set the account for the following args (IBAN)
--accounts \t\t returns a list of your accounts (IBAN)
--balance \t\t returns the current balance (-a required)
--transactions [days] \t returns a list of the last n transactions (max. 90 days)(-a required)
--setup \t\t runs the setup process (interactive)
--help \t\t\t shows this
## How to use
First of all you'll have to setup your banking account with the `--setup` option. This will start an interactive promt. Enter your credentials (they won't be checked now).
You'll have to set a master password. It'll be used to encrypt the `~/.bankingCLI` file in which the settings are stored.
Now you can use `--accounts` to list the available accounts. And use `-a [IBAN]` to specify the account for `--balance` and `--transactions`
If you want to use this in a script (bash?) you can just use the `--silent` option for easy phrasing. If you want to use it in python you can just import it as library.
## How does it work
It uses the same api the banking apps and other banking software use to talk to your bank. It's called FinTS and is used across Germany (and may other eu states?)
## Used Python Packages
* fints
* fints [](
* simple-crypt
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